Accessible Homes

It started as a mission to help out his aunt and led to Jeffrey Kerr’s niche as an expert barrier-free, accessible real estate.

When the date to move into the Toronto condo apartment she’d purchased preconstruction finally arrived, Jeffrey Kerr’s aunt, who had multiple sclerosis, manoeuvred her wheelchair through the door and looked around with growing alarm.

It did not take her long to realize that the unit, which she had been assured was wheelchair accessible, was actually anything but. She knew she would not be able to live there.

She made the decision to sell the condo immediately and asked Kerr for help. A sales rep with Re/Max Unique in Toronto, he was happy to come to his aunt’s aid. He began to research the opportunities available for buyers and sellers of accessible properties.

That’s how he stumbled upon the discovery that accessible housing, while very much in demand, is largely under-serviced by the real estate industry in the Greater Toronto Area and in many other markets as well.

“I spoke with the organization that is now Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, and they strongly encouraged me to become involved with their membership as there was such a need for real estate agents who understood the challenges of the accessible housing market,” Kerr says.

“Referrals started coming in immediately from them and from other organizations. That was 13 years ago” …….